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Design to the Rafters with Beam Ceiling Systems

beam ceiling system

At ASI Architectural, we have published a series of articles detailing the attractiveness and functionality of wood ceiling and wall solutions for both aesthetics and acoustics. As the architectural and design community returns to natural elements such as wood on a grander scale, the opportunities for classic design themes that enhance spaces are practically endless.

One of the most striking yet crisp additions to a room or public space is a ceiling Beam system. With versatility in color and implementation options, beams can tie the room together with a strong and sophisticated appearance. 

What are Beam Ceiling Systems?

Traditionally, a beam system refers to any exposed network of beams in the ceiling structure of a room or building. In their original cases, these beams were part of the structural makeup of the room itself, with long, heavy wood beams being hand-chosen for strength and style.

Clean & Affordable Design

ASI Architectural has developed a stunning solution that shares all the classic appeal of a traditional beam system without the prohibitive factors such as weight and cost. By bonding together at least four sheets of wood board in a rectangular prism shape, and covering each with a wood veneer or stain to match the surrounding environment, we can recreate the appearance of solid wood without the excessive cost. This provides a simple and inexpensive option for bolstering the design of a room without changing the structure of the space or necessitating lumber orders and carpenters.

Beam systems are versatile not only in the style and implementation options, but because their non-polarizing strength matches well with a variety of additional systems such as linear or paneling. As a top-layer accent to your ceiling, you can often preserve the underlying system which may be acoustically treated for better sound performance.

Recently, ASI in New York City had the pleasure of designing a one-of-a-kind beam ceiling for the Moynihan Train Hall. Check out our process and the stunning final product in this video. Due to the excellence of projects like this one, several of our design solutions have recently been entered into the Architizer A+ Awards, which commend the world’s most inspiring buildings, as well as the CISCA Awards for ceilings and interior systems.

Custom Options Galore

Though beams are simple in principle and crisp in final appearance, there are hundreds of customizable features to make the system work in perfect harmony with the vision for your space. Appearance-wise, beams are available in ten different wood veneer styles, covered with a clear lacquer coating, or stained to match the surrounding wood. We will even match the grain pattern so the beams blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

The ends of the beams themselves can be finished, blocked, or sleeved. The widths of the beams and the mounting options are also variable, allowing our team to work with you to develop the perfect solution for the dimension of your ceiling and your project budget.

Explore our photo gallery to see some of the creative and striking applications of beam ceilings in restaurants, hotels, retail stores and more. Gain some design inspiration and see for yourself how beams can revolutionize your space.

In summary, the Beam ceiling systems offered by ASI Architectural can be catered to your individual design choices and architectural parameters, so you can experience a classic aesthetic at a fraction of the cost. Amplify your space today – get in touch with an ASI rep to get started.

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