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Make an Impact with Stunning Sound Solutions from FSC Certified Wood

Make an Impact with Stunning Sound Solutions from FSC Certified Wood - ASI

One of the most ancient construction materials is still the most effective and beautiful: wood. Various types of wood with different colors, grain patterns, hardness levels, thicknesses, and sonic properties can serve practically limitless purposes when it comes to outfitting a commercial space for sound and aesthetics.

As you will see, the right FSC Certified wood solution can transform an open room into a world class performance space. The technicians at ASI Architectural have experience with dozens of shapes, contours, and styles of wood solutions to help augment the practicality and functionality of a space while enhancing it with the rich, classic look of natural wood. From the ASI Architectural professionals, here is how a custom-crafted wood solution can create a stunning environment in your commercial space.

What Is FSC-Certified Wood?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests; it is widely regarded as one of the most impactful initiatives that promotes responsible forest management across the globe.

The FSC certification system provides accreditation services to companies, organizations, and communities interested in responsible forestry, enabling consumers and businesses to make decisions about production and consumption of forest products that both benefit the environment and drive businesses forward.

ASI Architectural maintains an FSC-Certified Chain of Custody and can provide the wide breadth of our wood solutions using certified wood.

Some of the most common wood varieties that we work with include:

Red Oak
White Oak
Natural Bamboo
Caramelized Bamboo

Depending on the project at hand and the preferences of the project manager, ASI Architectural can source a gorgeous and effective sound solution using a variety of FSC-certified woods.

Types of Certified Wood Solutions

Wood is incredibly versatile in its applicability to a space. The professionals at ASI Architectural can help craft the right solution for your needs and preferences in order to create the ideal aesthetic and soundscape your project requires. Some of our specialized wood solutions are:


Beams are a simple, elegant, and inexpensive way to improve the design of a room. These beams can be fashioned with custom lengths and widths, and pair well with existing ceiling systems. Discover how customized beams can transform your space with character and charm.


Linear planks are available in two types: Tongue & Groove, and Reveal. T&G planks are available with three different edge styles, while Reveal planks can be customized with three different reveal widths. Linear ceiling solutions can also be outfitted with acoustical absorption backers of 1” or 2” thickness to create a more acoustically ideal environment.


Cloud ceilings enhance the intrigue and beauty of a room while also naturally scattering sound. These panels are simple to install, can be linked together, and come in flat, convex, and concave styles. Mounted on a 1” steel frame, these panels can also be outfitted with an acoustical backer for sound absorption.


The versatile and easy-to-install audition panels and planks feature a wood veneer face and provide a sleek, streamlined appearance. For added sound control, acoustical backers may be installed to create ceiling or wall solutions that improve the environment both visually and sonically.


Perforated or non-perforated fusion ceiling and wall panels are available in customizable diameters, spacing, and perforation patterns. Standard perforations are available in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm diameter holes, spaced in 16mm or 32mm increments. These perforations can be made in both square and diamond patterns. These panels are outfitted with acoustical absorption material when perforated.


Microperf ceiling and wall panels use state-of-the-art acoustical technology, enabling sound mitigation without the look or feel of typical absorption panels. Their lightweight design allows panels to be mounted in a variety of methods while maintaining excellent sound absorption properties. Built with a fiberglass core, microperf panels are available in wood veneer, vinyl, and can be painted or stained to match.


StrandTec panels provide a unique sound and aesthetic solution to any commercial space. These wood fiber panels absorb sound while thermally insulating, and are remarkably simple and eco-friendly to produce. With a wide variety of shapes and color options, these panels can be custom designed to liven up any environment.


Coffer ceilings are created using hardwood moldings, which are then pre-engineered and precisely cut to create an elegant and classic ceiling arrangement, creating a geometric, three-dimensional beam and panel appearance. The components are available in Modern or Traditional designs and involve simple installation.


Grille ceilings and walls are excellent visual design elements that are easy to install. The grille dimensions and reveal widths are customizable, and can be paired with any of five different grille styles. Perimeter trim options and acoustical backing for improved sound performance can be explored as well.


For reducing the visual clutter of ducts, wiring, and sprinkler heads, cube ceilings offer a creative and visually pleasing alternative. These pre-assembled installations can be fashioned with wood blades from the certified wood varieties listed above. Explore how a tasteful cube ceiling can help transform a plain or unsightly ceiling into a charming piece.

ASI Architectural – Your Certified Solution

For years, the professionals at ASI Architectural have been enhancing the design and sound performance of hundreds of spaces using customized, FSC-certified wood solutions. Our engineering expertise helps designers, architects, and builders create rich and iconic structures that look as beautiful as they sound. Our team of experts can help you plan, place, and perfect your choice of cutting-edge products to create stellar results for your patrons. Learn how ASI Architectural can help you reach your goals today by exploring our website and products.