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All wood products purchased from ASI Architectural must be acclimated to site conditions before installation for product warranty to apply. This is particularly important in Northern United States climates where low atmospheric humidity typically cause more wood movement than the higher humidity of southern climates.

Once the installation site has been acclimatized to the temperature and humidity levels that will be the norm when occupied, all wood products should be moved into the site installation area for a minimum of 72 hours prior to any installation activity.

Relative humidity should be maintained between 25% and 55%. Temperatures should be maintained between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

To acclimate wood products, remove all packaging materials from the outside of the skid, leaving only the wood products.

Grille products can be left on the skids just as they were packaged.

Linear wood planks and flat panels should be carefully stacked with three or four slats stacked face to face and back to back, perpendicular to the stack allowing for air circulation.

Separate stacks of flat panels and wood planks on the skids from each other carefully to prevent from scratching the product.

Please contact us with any questions regarding acclimation for your project.

Acclimation instructions contained herein are abbreviated. Please click the link on the right to download the full version.


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