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Where Are ASI Architectural Products Used?

Where Are ASI Architectural Products Used? - ASI Architectural

ASI Architectural has over 3 decades of experience in the architectural and acoustical industry that we leverage to provide innovative products to meet or exceed contractors, builders, and architects. Our products help to make a space look beautiful and sound incredible. ASI Architectural products are versatile, and can stand out and be a focal point of a design, or provide a more subtle aesthetic element while still performing at a high level. ASI Architectural takes a look at some places where our products have been used, and some of the features that they bring to the table. 


Designing a dining space can be as critical to a restaurant’s success as the food itself. In a world where ambiance is king, wood ceiling and wall solutions can be the X factor that a space needs in order to stand out and shine. For a more intimate, low-light-style restaurant, Coffer and other full-panel ceiling solutions give a cozy feeling that provides class. A darker, cozier feel can be achieved with nearly any of ASI Architectural’s products by adjusting the veneer color, pivoting from lighter species of wood to darker shades, giving a closer feeling to the space. 

Regardless of the product, ASI Architectural products provide more than a visual boost. Our products can be outfitted with different thicknesses of acoustical backers. This allows for sound to be absorbed, ensuring that your space isn’t too loud so you can’t hear yourself think. Acoustics aren’t just about volume, though. The acoustical properties of our products give a space a softer feel to sound, allowing for the signature low murmur of conversation essential to any good dining experience. 

Lobbies And Conference Rooms

A first impression is nothing to take lightly. When a patron walks through the doors to view the interior of a space that has been designed, their first look often sticks with them more prominently than following exploration. Lobbies, then, are especially crucial when designing a space. A lobby should be a thesis statement to the rest of the building that patrons are going to experience. Going above and beyond helps to set the stage for what is to come. 

ASI Architectural products are ideal for designing lobbies. With the option to make sweeping, monolithic-style statements with Microperf or Linear products, or being able to create subtle patterns to catch the eye with Fusion, there is the perfect option for your next project. Utilizing wood wall and ceiling solutions with acoustical backers in a lobby, which traditionally are large and are prone to echoes, can handle two challenges at once. Make sure the first impression is both visually stunning and acoustically appealing when designing lobbies and conference rooms. 

Performance Venues

Concert halls, symphonic venues, theaters, and other spaces that will be designed specifically for the arts are an ideal space for ASI Architectural products. These spaces are designed around the highest-quality audio possible, and need acoustical and architectural solutions that match that task. Part of the tricky task with these venues is creating striking visuals that don’t take away from the main performance. This is where materials and solutions that stand out by stepping back without sacrificing performance are valuable. 

ASI Architectural specifically makes high-quality products that are able to provide the overall architectural design of a space without distracting from the main focus. Cloud ceiling products are perfect for this purpose. They are easy to install, and can perform individually or as linked-together sections. Cloud has a variety of constructions and design options to perfectly fit whatever project designers, architects, or builders need. 

Museums & Other Public Venues 

Museums, medical facilities, schools, libraries, and many more locations require a specific blend of design that lends itself to stimulating conversation while also keeping acoustic and architectural requirements in mind. Creating public spaces around architectural design requires materials that are versatile, and accommodate a wide range of activities. 

ASI Architectural’s products have customizable features that help to tailor each solution to the project or design where it is needed. For museums, where it is important that acoustical performance matches aesthetic, working with Audition solutions is an excellent choice. Audition has versatility in presentation, as well as customizable dimensions that can be altered to fit different audio, visual, or presentation features as part of exhibits. 

For an eco-friendly solution that performs at an incredibly high level, Strandtec utilizes wood fiber and reduces echo and reverberation. These panels can be color and shape customized in order to create murals, or accents, that are their own attraction. This product is perfect for hospitals or schools where soundproofing can be both whimsical and functional, and also is eco-friendly. 

Airports and Public Transportation Terminals

Transit stations can be an especially stressful place for patrons to experience. From airports to bus stops, quality is often attributed to noise levels and ease of use, which often go hand in hand. If it is impossible to hear a flight number, or difficult to hear when a bus is arriving, then the purpose of the design is lost. Another challenge is that these spaces need to be especially durable for the influx of traffic that they see day in and day out. 

Linear Alumiline ceilings and walls are an industry-first ceiling plank made from extruded aluminum that is incredibly durable and abuse-resistant. This solution is perfect for outdoor, indoor, and modern design applications. This solution also works well in high-humidity areas that would negate a wood-based solution’s warranty. Linear Alumiline also provides a sleek look that elevates a space that many associate with stress. Finally, this product is simple to scrub, wash, or otherwise clean, and is mold and mildew resistant for simple upkeep. 

Work With ASI Architectural For Unrivaled Quality On Your Next Project

For any commercial project, ASI Architectural has a versatile solution that will help your space look beautiful and sound incredible. We are proud to offer high-quality materials and our 3 decades of knowledge to architects, designers, and builders who think and operate at a higher level for better projects. We can’t wait to work with you. Reach out today to learn more about us, and get a quote from one of our professionals.