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Choose the Right Interior Metal Wall Panel

interior metal wall panels

Most modern builders use relatively cheap materials in new construction. They slap up so many commercial and residential buildings each year, drywall serves an important role as an affordable and easy to work with material for interior walls. It’s also easily painted and easily repaired. What’s not to love?

The problem with drywall is that it’s relatively boring and doesn’t do much for adding texture. It also provides few benefits when it comes to fire safety and durability. Two very important considerations, especially if you have a young family. If you’re looking for something with more strength and visual pop, interior metal wall panels are a great alternative to those lifeless patches of painted drywall.

Why we use Interior Metal Wall Panels

If you’re considering incorporating metal wall panels into your interior spaces, you’ve likely got some good reasons in mind already. Maybe you’re considering them because a metal accent wall can add so much artistic flair to otherwise boring spaces. Maybe you’re considering them for their superior strength and durability. No matter what you’re thinking, you can rest easy knowing that choosing metal panels for your interior walls is a great decision.


First and foremost, when you choose to use interior metal wall panels in your home and business interiors, you know they are going to last. Unlike drywall or wood, which can be easily scuffed and damaged through everyday living, metal panels are incredibly impacted, mold, and fire resistant. If they do get damaged, metal wall panels can easily be replaced for a no-mess repair. Do a quick internet search on how to install interior metal wall panels, and you can probably even replace it yourself. That saves good money on labor and gives you something to feel proud about.

Fire Safety

If you’ve got fire safety on your mind, you’ve got another great reason to choose interior metal wall panels. Whereas most common wall materials like wood and drywall are fairly flammable and must be treated to improve their safety, metal is a non flammable material that stands up much better to heat and flames. It’s a great way to add a layer of protection for everyone in the house.


Metal panels are available in all kinds of styles, finishes, and sizes. That means you can place them nearly anywhere you’d like to add a solid accent to your interior design. Want to mix industrial metal wall panels with the rich look of wood? You’ve got options. Want to use a few of them on your ceiling? You can do that too. You may be surprised to learn how versatile metal wall panels can be, but you’ll be excited to start decorating your space with them once you know.

They Look Great

If your main driver is a great looking room, metal panels deliver on that front too. Decorative metal wall panels are available in so many colors, finishes, and textures that you can create more great looks than you may have thought. Metal panels can even be printed on, meaning your decorating options are truly as endless as your imagination.

Decorating with Interior Metal Wall Panels

Metal wall panels can be used in both small and large amounts to generate great results. Sometimes we want a metal facade on one accent wall, and sometimes we want to create a grand space with unique fixtures and finishes throughout. They’re versatile enough to add impact no matter what.

Hit the Whole Room

If you’d like to use metal wall panels to cover all four walls, you can mix and match these panels of modern industrial wall decor to great effect. Even if you want a mix of metal and wood finishes on your facade, metal panels are available in all kinds of popular colors, patterns, and textures. You can have it all with metal panels. 

If you choose to go with all metal paneling in your interior spaces, you’ll need to address the acoustics in the room. Going with that much metal can create a fair amount of echo and reverberation. There are easy ways around it.

Choosing Interior Metal Wall Panels Doesn’t Mean You’re Choosing Noise

As you may know, reflective surfaces like metal can cause audio issues in untreated spaces. Hard, smooth surfaces reflect sound waves and often cause issues with echo and reverberation, which are two main acoustical issues that plague indoor spaces. Not to worry. You can still use metal walls in houses and offices without creating a noisy space.

Microperforated interior metal wall panels have tiny perforations punched through them, allowing a good amount of sound to travel through the holes and get trapped behind the panels. If you’re looking for even more sound control, you can choose panels backed with acoustical materials. The mix of hard and absorptive materials will make your room sound great because your acoustic treatments will be hiding in plain sight. 

Metal Accent Walls

If you’d like to dip your toes in the water, but don’t want to go all out, maybe a metal accent wall is a good first step. You can use a few panels to break up a monotonous space or create a dramatic backdrop for your art collection. Using corrugated metal for walls across the bottom portion to create wainscoting is a great option that delivers fantastic texture. If you want to go big with your accent wall, a printed mural on perforated metal panels serves as a fun way to keep the noise down in schools and daycare settings. The options are truly endless.


Interior decorative metal wall panels can also be used to improve the audio qualities of rooms that currently have poor acoustics. If you’re accenting a brick or concrete space with metal panels, going with microperforated panels can add acoustical treatments into the build, helping eliminate any audio issues you’re already experiencing. Complement them with some fabric wrapped acoustical panels to take it to the next level.

Metal Ceiling Tiles

You don’t have to limit yourself to the walls to get that pop of industrial metal. Metal panels can be used to create very cool ceiling designs as well. Choose a style that complements your room’s shape and interior design scheme, and you’ll add a lot of visual interest to the space.

Metal ceiling tiles give you great options for finishing your ceiling, no matter what you have in mind. If you want to hide all the pipes and ducts that clutter your overhead space, you can suspend some panels into a T-grid system to tuck it all away. If you want to keep those things visible to add dramatic lines and motion to the room, you can secure your panels at the joists, letting the industrial accents shine.

Create Enclosures

Another great use for interior metal wall panels is to create enclosures for equipment and anything else you’d rather hide from view. Cleaning up the space and hiding the clutter will do wonders for your focus and stress levels. Back your panels with acoustical materials and you can even use them to reduce noise from the equipment as it runs.

Metal enclosures work just as well in garages as they do in utility closets, so consider decorating with corrugated metal interior wall panels in any space where you get household things done. You’ll be happy you did.

Do Your Research

There are so many options available out there. It really helps to reach out to someone who specializes in interior metal wall panels. The best way to get an idea of all the styles available in your area is to check with your local dealer. If you’re unsure whether you should go with steel wall panels or corrugated tin walls, they can give you insight into which types will work best in each of your individual spaces. They can also help you get the acoustic profile you want out of the room. Don’t go it alone. Enlist help from the pros when it comes down to designing new rooms to deliver exactly as you want them to.