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Wood ceilings

High quality | Brilliant Finishes

ASI Architectural prides itself on its reliable, consistent, and beautiful manufactured wood products. Our wall and ceiling systems will be completely tailored to the environment they are going to enhance.

ASI Architectural offers a wide range of interior wood ceilings. All our wood ceiling products offer innovative and stunningly beautiful acoustical solutions. Now you can have the best of both worlds. What makes our products so great are natural tones and an amazing range of different wood finishes. Your new ceiling projects will have an elegant and natural look in all of your spaces. Choose an option that suits your style the best – our wood ceilings would be a perfect match for every ceiling void. Enjoy pure comfort and a stunning warm appearance. Not to mention acoustical properties. We really do understand the importance of acoustics. Our high-performance wood ceilings are the best solution for all acoustical challenges in your home, office space, school, or any other location where sound quality is important.

Our wood ceilings are created using different kinds of woods, of different shapes and sizes. Yet all those parts create one unique piece that matches every style.
Give a try to our wood ceilings and take a look at different product variations.