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Wooden wall paneling designs

wooden wall paneling design wood available for purchase at ASI Architectural.

When it comes to wall design in the twenty-first century, we have a lot of options to choose from. We’ve seen material trends come and go while others have stood the test of time. Our available choices are almost overwhelming these days. Many of us tend to go with what we know we like. We’re familiar with a handful of materials and have preconceived notions about each one.

It’s unfortunate that when people think of wood panels, so many of them picture a smoky basement bar from the seventies. The fact is, wooden wall paneling design has made incredible strides over the past few decades. It’s no longer the monotonous, thin paneling dressed in a dark stain. It’s really whatever you want it to be.

What are the new wooden wall paneling design trends?

Wood paneling has kept up with the times, and many popular new design trends are jaw-dropping. Your wooden wall design doesn’t even have to look like wood anymore. We can create complex designs and patterns that are easy to install and give our homes and businesses upgraded looks and feels. Your options span the field from intricate and classic to simple and modern, and everything in between. Wall panels give you incredible versatility and loads of visual interest.

Commercial spaces, in particular, have been given royal treatment when it comes to interesting wall design. As such, they are a treasure trove of wooden wall paneling design ideas. 

The real wood look

Some of us will never get over the warm look of wood. It’s a classic look that’s been around since humans started using tools and building structures. It’s been around so long, many of us have strong opinions for or against it. A big driver of that train of thought is that we’ve seen it on the dusty downstairs walls of yesteryear, and we’ve seen it on the most beautiful buildings ever created. The impact is all in the presentation.

Wooden wall paneling is available in so many shapes, sizes, and finishes these days. We can really think outside the box when we decide to go with wood. One big difference between the wood panels available today and the ones we lined rumpus rooms with in the seventies is that today’s panels are created with real wood veneer, delivering beautiful woods from around the world in a lightweight and easy to assemble package.

If you get overwhelmed by the floor-to-ceiling wood look, you can get a very chic, modern style by mixing wood paneling with other patterns or natural materials.  If your walls are made of concrete, throwing a tinted sealant on the concrete and adding a half wall of wood paneling results in an industrial space. The warmth of the wood can provide a nice contrast to the cold look of the concrete. This concept can work just as well with a wallpapered top half complementing your natural wood bottom.

Beyond the classic look, going with decorative wood panels for walls can deliver acoustical benefits that give you another great reason to go this route. Choosing perforated wooden wall panels with an acoustic backing keeps audible reverberation down and keeps your level of calm up. Whether you do it for your employees or your clients, the addition of acoustical absorption will benefit everyone.

The painted wood look

If you like the rhythmic look of repeating boards but don’t want the wood grain incorporated in your overall design, there are a lot of ways to make painted wood feel cool and contemporary. Taking a glance through some interior wall paneling design ideas will open your eyes to how many options are really out there.

You can go with modern classics like nautical shiplap or tongue and groove if you crave the repeating lines associated with these styles. Painting the wood means you can keep your clean look and add textural elements at the same time. The sheer number of paint color options on the market means you can set any kind of tone you like in your space. You’re also more free to change up the feel of the room as simply as rolling on a coat of paint, which is an excellent bonus if you like to change things up often.

If you want to get a little more creative with these classic wood wall design ideas, changing the orientation delivers a very different impact. Installing these panels at an angle can give the room the impression of more motion and contribute to a really interesting look. Double down on the visual interest by installing them only on the lower half of the wall. It breaks up the expanse and can give you more options when decorating.

The geometric pattern look

For those of us who dig the modern look, geometric patterns are a recently affordable alternative to standard wood planks or intricately carved accents. Measuring, cutting, and assembling geometric patterns on walls used to be an incredibly expensive and time-consuming endeavor embarked upon only by highly skilled tradesmen. Not anymore. In the world of modern wooden wall paneling design, this look is attainable by the masses. 

Choosing to go with wooden wall panels gives us the ability to snap together amazing geometric pattern designs without breaking the bank. The pre-made panels available today are much more lightweight and foolproof in their installation than their counterparts from previous centuries. This means we may have room in the budget to transform a few extra rooms this year.

Once you start playing with the idea of partial wall covering, you’ll realize just how versatile this option is. Make your reception area the talk of the town with a meandering pattern that highlights your brand or industry. Striking the right balance between organic and geometric shapes will add to a sense of cool comfortability for all those who spend time at your establishment.

Planning your remodel

When planning your interior design, wood walls should definitely be considered. No matter what kind of space you’re working with, choosing wood can deliver in droves. They are so much more than just repeating lines and wood grain. They can provide textures and feelings you never even knew you wanted, and they can create a more calm audible atmosphere for everyone who spends time there. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a wood retaining wall design, a corporate boardroom, or a baby’s nursery. You can get the look you want with wooden wall paneling design.