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Maintaining Your ASI Architectural Ceiling And Wall System

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The choice to upgrade your space to an ASI Architectural product line of wood or aluminum ceiling and wall solutions is a fantastic one. Wood accents to your space create a wonderful ambiance and class while providing the option for functional acoustic solutions. The same can be said for our extruded aluminum products, with incredible durability and style to elevate your next project. But, once these solutions are installed, it is important to know the proper upkeep on each in order to maintain their performance levels as well as an aesthetic look. Here are some tips from ASI Architectural on how to maintain a ceiling and wall system. 

Maintain A Proper Environment with Ceiling And Wall System

Maintaining a proper environment is important for wood wall and ceiling solutions. While this may seem like a lot of work on the face, in reality, an indoor environment that is friendly to wood is usually what your indoor environment is maintained to naturally. Because of the materials used to make our wood wall and ceiling solutions, indoor environments must stay between 22% and 55% humidity. Too low and the wood will not have enough moisture, and too high and the moisture will condense and void the warranty on the wood ceiling and wall solutions. 

Temperature is important when looking at the environment as well. Much like the trees the wood comes from, temperatures make materials react differently. Without living nutrients to them or bark to protect them, it’s important that the cured wood surfaces stay in an environment between 55-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The good news is that this is usually a comfortable human temperature range regardless of what type of wood wall and ceiling solutions are installed. 

Proper Cleaning of your Ceiling And Wall System

Dust and other dirt is a natural part of living and working in a functional space. Naturally, walls and ceilings must be cleaned to maintain a proper polish and look as striking as they did on installation day. Part of that is knowing the proper way to clean and maintain ASI Architectural’s products. All of our wood ceiling and wall solutions come with a topcoat that does not require the use of cleaning waxes or oils. Using cleaning waxes or oils on these products alters the protection that we have given them, and voids the product warranty.

When cleaning, it is important to use a non-abrasive soft, lint-free cloth with a light application of Liquid Gold® which will clean and maintain our wood surfaces. Avoid using chemical or abrasive-type cleaners or cleaning products, as this will damage the wood and negate the product warranty. A non-abrasive brush or vacuum cleaner can also be used to remove dust.

Protecting From Elements

Moisture can be especially harmful to wood surfaces. It is important that all wood wall and ceiling solutions avoid contact with moisture, and if moisture is present it needs to be wiped off immediately, regardless of the finish used. Moisture can cause damage to our products, which voids their warranty. 

Heat sources such as hot plates, thermally-active light sources, or other direct heat will also damage our products. When planning your space, make sure that wood wall and ceiling solutions have ample protection from this heat in order to maintain the integrity of the product, and keep it functional and beautiful for years to come. 

Finally, direct sunlight can affect our products over time. If the wood wall and ceiling solutions are to be put in a place with windows, making sure those windows have UV protection, or shield the wood in some way, helps prevent damage over time that would void the product warranty. 

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