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Architectural Products in New York, NY

Stunning Ceiling and Wall Solutions in the New York Area

If you’re an architect, designer, project manager, or high-value décor contractor, ASI Architectural is your one-stop shop for stunning wood and metal solutions.

For the last 30 years, we have sourced American-made, FSC-Certified products with no added urea-formaldehyde. From ceiling and wall panels with acoustical backing, to beam and coffer-style ceiling accents, among dozens of other options, we can help craft the perfect solution for your space and design aesthetic.

Our experienced team will work alongside you to achieve the customized size and color palette that fits your unique space and budget, and installation is a breeze with our simple, solid mounting systems and instructional videos.

Whether you’re outfitting a performance hall, train station, hotel lobby, common space, retail location, educational facility, office building, or anything in between, ASI can help design and curate the best solution for you – right here in the New York, NY area.

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About Us

About Us



Discover Architectural Solutions in New York, NY

As a builder, designer, or architect, your task is often to create a space with both stunning visuals and excellent acoustical performance. This balancing act can be tricky without the right materials.

At ASI, we specialize in manufacturing and customizing market-leading architectural products that enhance the design of a space while creating a more comfortable and natural environment.

With FSC-Certified wood solutions in beam, linear, grille, coffer, cube, panel, cloud, and other styles, as well as a variety of sleek metallic options, we can create a tailored wall or ceiling arrangement that speaks for itself.

Our experienced staff has decades of design and installation experience to help streamline the process – from initial blueprint to final product. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and excellent service; we personally guarantee your architectural solution will be as effective as it is beautiful.

Get in touch with an ASI Architectural professional in the New York area today to get a quote and discuss gorgeous options for your space.